3D Color Collector Free Download

Version: 1.1   (version history)
Date: December 25, 2002

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Best3DGames.com

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3D Color Collector Description

3D Color Collector Free Download.

Do you want to have a REAL holiday? A holiday of your soul? Are you looking for a game that will absorb you forever?

Then do not hesitate, download this game free, launch on your computer and transfer into the world of color and 3d graphic. This is a nice remedy after business day.

Try now our Color Collector
This is your tiredness protector
Download is free, colors are bright,
Excellent graphic increases your might!

The purpose of the game is simple - to clear the board. To do this you should click the bricks, which are placed at the borders of the playing board. They will move and push single bricks. If the brick encounters the block of the bricks of the same color they will disappear.

If you manage to eliminate the color completely it will not appear more.
One unsuccessful move (any block does not disappear) the number of trials decreases. When the number of trials is equal to zero the board fills up with new bricks.

There are three game modes – Single Color (all borders bricks are of the same color), Dual Color (there are two colors possible) and Quad Color (each side has its own color) and three skill levels.
The advantages of the registered version:

* you will have a possibility to play your favorite game after the trial period;
* three game modes ( instead of one in the unregistered game);
* 3 skill levels (in the unregistered version only one!);
* the nag-screen will not disturb you any more;
* free technical support;
* all upgrades are free

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