Blue Knight

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Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $4.99

Publisher's Description

A fiendish puzzle game - you must move a knight around a chessboard, touching each square once (and only once). It's trickier than it sounds and with 19 other bizarrely shaped levels, it gets trickier still. You'll need to be at least one step ahead of yourself throughout the game, as one wrong move and you'll find yourself stuck in a corner with nowhere to go. Like all great puzzle games, it's easy to learn but difficult to master.

We've all been there trying to learn how to play chess or hone our skills ready to crush our enemies (friends?) the next time we play a quick game of chess, and we all know how important the knight is early on in the game. If you think you're a chess wizard then this game will be a walkover for you, right? Wrong. This is nothing like any other chess game, complete with a huge array of different board shapes your struggle to finish this game in a couple of sittings. Along the way you will improve your knightly powers beyond your next victims wildest dreams.

Many people play chess but very few ever really master the knight, especially early on in the game where board space is limited and the knight is most powerful. Blue Knight can help you perfect your talents with it's intuitive mouse control and uncluttered graphics, it also runs on just about any PC in the world with Windows 95 or above.

Blue Knight is more than just a trainer, it's a huge puzzle game taking some of the best elements from the ancient game of chess, so if you think you're a brainiac or if you want to sharpen your noggin download the demo now and give this one a whirl. Possibly the hardest challenge you'll face this year. Remember to buy a copy if you like this game to support the independent developer who dedicated the time to bring you this classic puzzle.

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