Aurora Borealis: Draughts/Checkers Database Program Free Download

Version: 1.94   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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Aurora Borealis: Draughts/Checkers Database Program Description

Aurora Borealis: Draughts/Checkers Database Program Free Download.

So what is in fact

current version of 'Aurora Borealis'?

- It's an excellent partner to spend some time playing draughts with. Program plays about on master level in Russian draughts and on an average-player level in English draughts.

In blitz-tournament of traditional Republic Draughts Festival program has taken 6th place (+3-0=6).

In Republic blitz Draughts Championship result was +4-1=6.

In republic rating-list in 2002 year program was on the 20th place.

- It was the first Russian draught database program and one of the largest and powerful ones by now.

Program has powerful tools, such as:

useful search (by names, tournaments, positions, patterns...), ;
variation tree immediately shows statistics of current position so you don’t need to search thru all database;
copy, sort and organize databases now as easy as you cannot even imagine;
support of import and export PDN databases allows users to import/export their databases from/to other programs;
export to RTF is the easiest and comfortable way to get games ready for publication purposes, see an example;

Main program's possibilities:

Playing with any time control: from 3 to 60 minutes per game

Large opening book

5-pieces endgame database (Russian draughts)

30 000 - games database (Russian draughts), 20 000 - games database (English draughts)

Modernized 'anti-human' playing style


Interactive game analysis

Powerful database tools

Program requirements:

Processor: 286 or higher (Pentium recommended)

Operating system: DOS 5.x, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, any other with full DOS 5.x support


CD-ROM (for installation if on CD)

About 430 Mb on HDD for full installation of Russian version

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