The Mighty Muddles

Version: 1.1   (version history)
Size: 1306KB
Date: September 03, 2004
License: Free To Try $4.95
OS: Win 95/98/ME/XP

Publisher's Description

Looking for a unique brain-teasing experience?
The Mighty Muddles is a challenging yet relaxing game in which you must unscramble lines of quoted text that have been "muddled" up with random letters. With easy to understand gameplay, relaxing music and fun graphics you will be hooked in no time, eager to solve "just one more puzzle".

Do you prefer games that challenge your mind rather than your reflexes
Playing The Mighty Muddles is easy! Each quote has up to three rows that make the main puzzle. These puzzle rows consist of 4 lines of colored squares - each with letters inside them, three of these lines are green and one is gold. Use the mouse to click on a green square and swap it's letter into the gold "solution" square. That's all there is to it!

Do you need a relaxing game that you can unwind with?
There are no time limits in The Mighty Muddles and there is no "losing". You are simply challenged against your own abilities to solve puzzles and given a clock to help track the average amount of time it takes you to complete each one. You can race the clock to try and keep your average times as low as possible or you can ignore it completely and just enjoy the challenge at your own leisurely pace. You can play the game any way you want!

If you are ever uncertain and need help with a puzzle you can click on the "HINT" button and then select a letter that you want to solve and the correct letter will immediately jump into place. This way you will never be stuck on one puzzle for too long.

Makes a perfect "coffee break" game when you need to unwind from the stress of work or the home.

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