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Date: November 19, 2005

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Critical Seeker Christmas version Description

Critical Seeker Christmas version Free Download.

In the Western world, the birthday of Jesus Christ has been celebrated on December 25th since AD 354, replacing an earlier date of January 6th. The Christians had by then appropriated many pagan festivals and traditions of the season, that were practiced in many parts of the Middle East and Europe, as a means of stamping them out.

Critical Seeker is a popular photo hunt game challenging the observational power of players. Critical Seeker Christmas version is the deluxe version of Critical Seeker about Christmas. With a registered version, players will be able to enjoy 5 packages of exciting Christmas photos and can update new Christmas packages freely.
At first glance, the two images appear to be identical. But looks can be deceiving. There are actually five differences between the images. Can you spot them all?

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