Olaf & Elmar in the Castles of Nabokos Free Download

Version: 1.04   (version history)
Date: June 26, 2006

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Wiering Software

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Olaf & Elmar in the Castles of Nabokos Description

Olaf & Elmar in the Castles of Nabokos Free Download.

Olaf & Elmar in the Castles of Nabokos is a puzzle game about pushing blocks, similar to the famous game Sokoban, but with a twist. Here you have two characters, the elephant Olaf, who can push large blocks, and the mouse Elmar, who can only push small blocks. They must both work together to clear each castle.
The point of the game is to solve each level using as few steps as possible, so you have unlimited undo (Backspace), unlimited time and high scores for each level.

To solve a level, you must push all blocks to the right place, collect all the diamonds, get the key to open the gate and leave the castle with both characters.

You can control the characters using the arrow keys on the keyboard, press Tab to switch between Olaf and Elmar.

Olaf & Elmar in the Castles of Nabokos keywords: sokoban, puzzle, cartoon

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