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Version: 1.02.02   (version history)
Date: January 02, 2007

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OS: Win NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: CAVU Software

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Free Iconic Sudoku Description

Free Iconic Sudoku Free Download.

Love Sudoku but tired of looking at numbers? Iconic Sudoku allows you to play Sudoku with icons or numbers.

The program includes help functions that will provide hints, solve the puzzle, show unused values in rows, columns or boxes; show the number of each element used and the types of elements used (clues, hints, user input). Set the difficulty level from 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest) when starting a game and then adjust the difficulty during the game. Games can be saved to files and printed. When playing with numbers you can set the fonts to make the game as big or small as you like.

You can have Iconic Sudoku FREE just for trying CAVU Software's five Windows utilities. Install and uninstall any or all of the products for a 10 day trial but KEEP THE LICENSED ICONIC SUDOKU FREE!!! Purchase separate utilities or buy them all for HALF-PRICE!!!

This package includes: Context Menu Manager: control the content of your Windows Context menus with a just a few mouse clicks.

File Grabber: put file information on the clipboard from the current selection or search directories, include comments, subject, title etc, as well as size and dates; format the output.

Multi-Filename Editor (Rename & Copy): an Explorer extension that provides a spreadsheet like interface to change the names of any number of files. Edit each with a double-click or use Find / Replace, Copy& Paste, Upper, Lower, Proper case or Append String (Beg / End). When you're done editing select Rename or Copy.

File Information Editor: an Explorer extension to edit file information like Comments, Subject, Author etc. for any number of files in a spreadsheet like interface. Double-click on a field to edit it directly or use Copy & Paste, Find / Replace to make multiple changes.

Clipboard Extender: save your clipboards permanently. Organize them into sets and save each set to a file. Create templates and organize often copied items easily!

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