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Date: May 08, 2007

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Train Your Brain Description

Train Your Brain Free Download.

Train Your Brain can help you train your ability to concentrate and deal with problems. The game depends on the level you chose. The harder the game the more stimulation you will get.

Train Your Brain is one of the best way to stretch your brain. It helps you brain process information more quickly and efficiently.

Intuition: It is a fun and simple training which can train your reflection skills. A good player is the one who gives the right color of word when ¡°Red¡± wrote in blue.

Analysis: Find the picture which doesn¡¯t belong to the sort from the other pictures. It is an easy test of your analysis speed.

Count: This is not a complicated Math problems game. It is an easy test, just do as many questions as you can in a short time.

Illation can stimulation many parts of your brain including your spatial intelligence and prediction sense. It is a simple but is considered to be good brain training.

Memory: The most familiar brain ability to us. Do you usually forget something?

Train Your Brain is a very effective exercise. Have fun and good luck!

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