Impossible Sudoku For Symbian UIQ 3 Free Download

Version: 1.04   (version history)
Date: March 21, 2008

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Author: Mobile Games

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Impossible Sudoku For Symbian UIQ 3 Description

Impossible Sudoku For Symbian UIQ 3 Free Download.

The most powerful mobile SudoKu game that features a random Sudoku Generator which generates puzzles to match your skill level. We have also added a auto solve system which helps you solve the

puzzles, including created by own.

Game features:Five level difficulty, all quickly random generated.

Create own game and auto solve it.

Nine pretty skins.

Auto pencil marks mode and manual mode.

Load and save for 10 game states.

Redo, Undo, and Statistics.

Attractive graphics and high quality sound effects.

Impossible Sudoku For Symbian UIQ 3 keywords: mobile game, pocket pc game

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