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Version: 1.03   (version history)
Date: April 13, 2009

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OS: Win ME/NT/XP/Vista
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Zagik Games

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Supreme Jigsaw Description

Supreme Jigsaw Free Download.

Think all virtual puzzles are too small and easy? Or that larger puzzles are too hard and messy? Think Again!

Supreme Jigsaw brings the challenge of table-top jigsaws to your home computer. Easy-to-use features like scrolling, zooming and high resolution make your puzzle-building FUN!

And Supreme Jigsaw doesn't offer only large, challenging puzzles: try a variety of puzzle sizes and levels of difficulty.

Supreme Jigsaw enhances the experience of piecing together puzzles of any size!

Advanced features offer a modern twist to the magic and thrill of real puzzles.

Magnetic Pieces Pieces snap quickly together when they fit, and repel each other when they don't. This means no hesitation and no indecision, and the repelling action gives you more space to work.

3D Perspective A 3D perspective makes your puzzle pieces look like the real thing. Depth, beveled edges, and shadows permit a clear view of your puzzle pieces and add to your fun.

Pop-Up Fun Facts Hot spots trigger pop-up bubbles featuring fascinating stories and facts. Immerse yourself in the world of the puzzle and learn while having fun. (Supreme Puzzles Only)

Maneuver more efficiently through larger puzzles with our superior tools.

Sort your pieces Use personally labeled trays to organize your pieces by shape, color, area or texture. When ready, empty your trays and watch the pieces spread out before you.

Zoom-n-Scroll Zoom in or scroll to the side: our ultra-high resolution allows for a crystal-clear view no matter how close up you go.

Come right in to see all the details, or zoom back out to get a bigger picture-- with our zoom-n-scroll features you get to decide!

Magnify It See every detail easily with our special magnifying glass. Move your cursor over any piece you choose and see it get bigger for a clearer perspective.

From the easiest to the most challenging puzzles, Supreme Jigsaw makes virtual puzzles virtually perfect!

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