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Version: 1.0 beta   (version history)
Date: November 01, 1999

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OS: Windows
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Author: Winter Valley Software

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CFL Football '99 Description

CFL Football '99 Free Download.

CFL Football '99 grinds and gruels you through a rough season of Canadian rules football.

For years, Winter Valley has wanted a football simulation that provided them with, not only the standard player trading features and arcade style of play, but real football rules. It simply didn't exist, so they decided to build it. CFL Football '99 is real football with real football rules. CFL football: 3 downs, 110 yard field, 12 players per side, 20 second play clock, unlimited backfield motion, and no sissy fair catches allowed. Think you can break away from the pack?

For those of you not familiar with CFL, there are a few rule changes that make it a faster, harder, and a tougher game than the NFL. Disagree? Consider the following: Canadian footballs are larger in circumference, harder to carry under you your arm, and harder to throw. The fields in the CFL are a full 30 yards longer and 15 yards wider than those in the NFL, making it a much more open game. You only have three downs to make ten yards. Let's face it, if you need four downs to make ten yards, maybe you shouldn't be playing at the professional level. And no sissy fair catches allowed! Just because you're in a tight situation, doesn't mean that you should be able to chicken out.

Every player on the field responds according to the real player's statistics. There are ten attributes (or 'ratings') that affect game characters' performance. Height, weight, and age are also taken into account. The game's AI includes a system that prevents you from running the same play many times. If you choose a Hail Mary pass more than a couple of times, the game's defense will key on it. The weather aspects of the game are pretty simple: cold, rain and wind. And there's no time to cross-reference your database of plays or endorse the latest soft drink in CFL. With only 20 seconds between plays, you hardly have time to find the line of scrimmage (especially if it's under the snow). Are you sure you are ready for some real football?

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