Billiards Esnuka Free Download

Version: 2.1.1 en   (version history)
Date: September 09, 2004


OS: Win 3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 1/10
Author: Molwick

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Billiards Esnuka Description

Billiards Esnuka Free Download.

The program includes the following games:
- French Billiards
- Pool
- Snooker
- Esnuka (Spanish billiards)
- Esnuka-II
- Esnuka-III

In all the games there is the possibility to play against the computer as there are up to 10 players with different levels of ability. You choose the angle, spin and impulse. Also, it is possible to save a game and continue it later.

There is also the possibility in all games of competing in an 8 player tournament, among which the players available in the computer can be chosen.

Also, in BEEPS Cups points are accumulated when the players selected by the computer have been beaten.

The game Esnuka reproduces the evolution of the species and radically changes some of the concepts generally accepted up until now.

This evolution is presented in such a way that it shows a particular example within the General Theory of Conditional Evolution of Live explained in detail in the instructions.

Esnuka is a freeware MS-DOS based program that works perfectly in all Windows systems. The help application is developed in HTML language

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