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Date: March 26, 2000

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Author: Ubi Soft Entertainment

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Theocracy Free Download.

Theocracy is a real-time strategy game in which you guide a tribal civilization against a Spanish onslaught.

Theocracy is an intense strategy game in which you take control of one of the Aztec tribes, develop the tribe to its ultimate destiny, and resist the Spanish conquistadors. But before this final fight you will have to establish trade routes between you and your neighboring states, develop diplomatic relations between you and the others provinces - conquer new territories, and develop your economy and your empire into a dominant power. After one century, you will have to resist the fierce assault of the Spanish. Four hundred years of history are in the balance.

Theocracy is a free flowing, non-linear game. In the Prophecy game option, you have one century to develop your economy and military strength to defeat the Spaniards' invasion. During the century, you are free to adopt whatever strategy you want and direction you desire. But keep in mind that the Spaniards are very strong and the fighting will be hard.

Develop more than fifty different units and lead them to combat thanks to the practical formation system. Select a military group, allocate its formation and it will give the fight a strategic dimension never seen before. Moreover, the environment will provide you different landscapes such as desert, swamps, mountains and forest that all have an influence on your play. For instance, try to hide your units in the forest before attacking to surprise an enemy.

Combat is not always the best option available, though. You can learn to develop trade routes between you and the other provinces and to make diplomatic relationships with other tribes. Gather resources and sell them via the caravan you established. You can also protect yourself using alliance treaties. The objective remains the same: to be as strong as possible!

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