Version: 1.03   (version history)
Size: 750KB
Date: February 09, 2003
License: Free To Try $7.95
OS: Win CE
Author: Handy Masters .Inc

Publisher's Description

Best Eastern Classic Puzzle Game.The ultimate Chinese myth is brought back to existence. This is one of the ancient brainteasers in history. A game enjoyed for thousands of years. Many have tried on to find the best possible solution (i.e. smallest number of moves) for any arrangement. The pursuit continues till this day.

Three Kingdoms features characters from classic Chinese literature. San Guo ("Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the West); the goal is simple yet extremely stimulating and exciting: You must move Cao Cao from the top of the frame through the enemy lines to the bottom so he could escape. Three Kingdoms is an extremely popular strategy -role playing- War game that correctly portrays ancient China in the Three Kingdoms period. It is a top-class amusement that contains many tricks.

Features Include:
*****A masterpiece in the puzzle world
*****Simple design yet tricky solutions!
*****Extremely challenging
*****Numerous layouts
*****High Score Table
*****Instructions and Tips included to get you started.
*****Three Kingdoms Rules: 1-All game pieces must be available. 2-Each piece cannot overlap or jump over other pieces. 3-The movement of each piece must be straight.
*****Scoring Method: The score is simply the number of steps you took to complete a level. Therefore, the less the steps you make the better your score is! With a friendly interface and nice sounds, HandyMasters offers you produced an ageless triumph.

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of 3Kingdoms at Tia_Moore@HandyMasters.com for any additional information.