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Date: August 09, 2009

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City Description

City Free Download.

You are a mayor of the city and you there is create the city of the daydream.

You there is is pushed with complex problem:making the town architecture, employment of the population, social and economic problem.

The Main types of the buildings:Dwelling: building, skyscraper.

Commercial: shops and offices.

Production: enterprises, plants, power station and water stations, breweries.

The Buildings and zones of the rest: , ice palace, also

also partly to he pertain TV stations and fountains.

The Social buildings: militia, hospitals, fireman to stations, universities.

Transport: roads and to stations.

Do Not forget that all buildings so or otherwise benefit you and townsfolk so does not cost(stand) be limited and try to build the

city varied.

When inhabitant of your city what that comes short you see the message in window of the important messages. Without fall take into account the opinion of the inhabitants otherwise they

will not complacent and this can bring about complex situation in your city. Is it On the left found window construction and important to information, in particular current day, bankrolls, amount to energy (worked out your power station), amount of

water and current population. The Velocity of the play is also adjusted on given to panels. Buildings press For construction of the building on button necessary you. And choose the free place on card.

If building does not appear under cursor this means that here to build it is impossible.

Also for tumbling of the building press on shift to the right button mouse.

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