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Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: March 12, 1999

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OS: Windows
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Author: Brent Seeley

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DNTools Description

DNTools Free Download.

DNTools is an excellent set of connection tune-up tools for anyone who uses a modem to access the Internet.

DNTools helps you improve your transfer rate by optimizing several Windows Registry settings that can have an impact on connection speed. These include the MaxMTU, PMTU, TTL, and Receive Window settings.

DNTools helps you monitor your online status. After a connection is established, it displays a confirmation dialog, shows an icon on the taskbar, and optionally plays a WAV file and/or launches an application. When a connection is dropped, DNTools can optionally play a sound, automatically reconnect, redial a certain number of times, and redial if the connection speed is lower than a certain threshold.

DNTools comes with a 'Statistics Tool' that shows you the number of bytes received, number of bytes sent, and the kilobytes per second received and sent along with their respective averages and maximums. While you are connected, a graph shows this information in real-time.

DNTools comes with an 'Auto-Ping' option that can prevent connections that have stalled while downloading from timing out. In addition, DNTools even comes with a HOSTS file manager which helps speed up Web browsing by bypassing DNS lookups for frequently accessed sites.

In addition, DNTools lets you bypass the annoying 'connect' prompt that Windows displays. It also comes with an e-mail notification utility.

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