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Version: 2.23.131   (version history)
Date: August 26, 1999

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OS: Windows
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Author: Patterson Design Systems

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TweakDUN Description

TweakDUN Free Download.

TweakDUN helps you speed up your Web browsing by implementing the MaxMTU Registry Fix, Windows Hosts file utility, and other speed tweaks.

TweakDUN helps to improve your dial-up connection throughput by letting you easily adjust the Windows 95 MTU, or Maximum Transmission Unit. This value has a significant effect on the rate that data travels across the Internet. TweakDUN automatically calculates and enters the MaxMTU entry for you in the Windows 95 Registry, along with setting the RWIN (TCP Receive Window), TTL (Time To Live), and other useful settings.

It also lets you create and edit a hosts file. This can dramatically speed up Web browsing, because instead of your browser having to contact a domain name server for IP addresses, it can look it up quickly from a file on your hard drive.

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