CrystalPort, The Browser Free Download

Version: 4.0   (version history)
Date: February 10, 2001


OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: CrystalPort Inc.

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CrystalPort, The Browser Description

CrystalPort, The Browser Free Download.

The CrystalPort Browser 4.0 offers a full set of Advanced Internet tools.

The built-in search engines enables searching directly from the toolbar. With One-Click Searching you get immediate access to over 35 search engine. The Browser also offers Custom Searching, allowing you to add any search engine in as little as 3-clicks. The special Float tool makes the list of search engines float over the screen. Making it easy - easy as one-click of the mouse - to perform the same query on over 35 different search engines. But for the query that demands thoroughness, you need the Multiple Search Sidebar. It sends one query to multiple search engines and displays the results of each search engine in a separate tab.

Integrated Custom Mail Client. With an intuitive design it integrates your customized mail client with the browser Mail Button in just 2-clicks.

The Index Favorites feature builds a searchable database by accessing and recording a short description of each site. The Online Favorites tool provides password protected online storage and web-based access to your favorites, also a fast and convenient way to share with friends.
CrystalPort also provides enhanced Media Controls. The Pop-Up Killer kills all or only selected pop-up windows. And you can also disable inline images and video as well as background sounds and animations. The Paranoia feature clears the address bar history, the search bar history, the main history, the Recent Documents, and your Temporary Internet files.
Tabs let you browse multiple sites simultaneously. The Auto Refresh feature allows you to customize refresh rates for tabs, a feature that is especially helpful when consulting web pages that are time sensitive. Tile Mode changes tabs into separate windows, automatically resizing them, making several windows appear within the browser at the same time.

CrystalPort 4.0 comes with full skin support allowing complete customization of the browser interface (also compatible with NeoPlanet skins).

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