The Warfarer's Exodus

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Date: September 22, 2004
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Publisher's Description

The 'Chronicles of War' is a series of seven complete and self-contained novels that narrate the fabled career of Epsilon Three, Holy Warfarer of the Martial Rite. Orphaned as an infant into a pagan cult of war, Epsilon Three (named for the month and the day he became a foundling) learns the strategies and tactics of war as a prodigy learns physics. Triumphant at the Festival of Alcorde, Epsilon's ultimate reward is banishment beyond the Great Barricade of Empire into a mysterious realm of magic and monsters.

The first volume of the series, The Warfarer's Exodus begins with Epsilon's first contact with the magical lands beyond Empire's Great Barricade. Expecting to die an immediate, if heroic, death, Epsilon and Helmcleaver, his murderous war stallion, ultimately survive the Wilderland's first trials and tribulations. As warfaring pilgrims lost on an errand of conquest, the two wander the forests in search of a destination. Once they meet Pandolyn, a powerful wizard of the Synod of Seven, their fates take a strange twist.

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