Chakra Free Download

Version: 1.01A   (version history)
Date: June 17, 2005


OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Mitra Dwi Wiyono

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Chakra Description

Chakra Free Download.

Chakra is an IE-based web browser that enable you to maintain your favorites using the web-based user interface and copy and paste technique, integrated with local directories, local webs, RSS Readers, multi-search engines, volatile and persistent caching, tabbed user interface, pop-up blocker, whitelist, blacklist, and records cleaner. Chakra is easy to use for novice user and powerfull enough for advanced user and internet researcher.

Here top 7 reasons why many people like YOU using Chakra:

1. Integrated with many local internet directories. Chakra integrated with local version of You can find the information you want by browsing or searching this local directory then save the interesting favorites on your own favorite folder.

2. Integrated with many local webs. Chakra can be used to create a local web (e-book). This local web can be distribute to other Chakra users.

3. Web Based Favorite Management. Chakra enable you mantain your favorites with their attributes: the page title, description, keywords, note, etc. This links can be saved on un-limited folders and you can search them. 

4. Search and save the result on your favorite folder. Some great website, like and MSN give you RSS Search Feed. Cakra read this then save to your favorite folder. 

5. RSS Reader Integration. Chakra enable you to maintain news, article syndication, etc. Just one click you will get the current news from many resources and save on your database. 

6. Multi-Search Integration. Want to research on the internet? No problem. Chakra enable you find the information you need, with explanation how to use it. Chakra guide you where to find any kind of information you want. 

7. Volatile and Persistent Cache. Want to grab one domain at one click? Chakra is the solution. Chakra enable you maintain your internet cache per-domain basis, then distribute them to your collega.

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