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Date: March 05, 2009

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USA Real Estate Map Pro Description

USA Real Estate Map Pro Free Download.

US Real Estate Map Professional edition is a premium class software for mapping real estate properties and visualizing other geo-spatial data.

Its extended functionality is based on the possibility to:
*Show 51 states of the USA on the National View
*Show a detailed state map with counties' outlines
*Display a detailed county map with custom locations
*Add cities or custom locations according to their latitude/longitude
*Display the zip code list or custom information set in the database
*Present additional information in a table or a grid with HTML formatted text

Why Real Estate Pro?

US Real Estate Map Pro was developed to improve online real estate listings and become an alternative to old-fashioned long lists of properties.

With Real Estate Pro you can:
*Visualize your data
*Shade regions
*Show available location
*Enable advanced search
*Withdraw the search results in a table with various parameters and ways of inputting information
*Zoom search results on the map

Thus the map can find its application in various fields and industries. US Real Estate Map Pro is a useful tool for storing information about customers, offices, and other locations.

The map can also perform any other tasks that require withdrawal of information when you click on states, counties, cities.

US Real Estate Map Pro consists of 4 levels and 2 additional windows to display information in a grid or in an infobox with HTML formatted text.

Search The system architecture and the protocol of data exchange between the map and a database allow creating various search forms to manage search query.

It is possible to use the standard examples, as well as order custom search fields in your search form.- US Real Estate Map Pro search form example.- contact search form example.

US Real Estate Map Pro is a database driven map which can operate states, counties, cities, and zip codes across the US.

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