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Date: August 09, 2009

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
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Classified Ad Genius Description

Classified Ad Genius Free Download.

CLADGenius stands for Classified Ads Genius which is a framework for automated advertising on-line.

CLADGenius framework consists of the following software components:
*Common re-usable code library, which implements: o job scheduling, including posting ads within pre-defined time intervals; o automatic/manual captcha recognition; o web browser HTML automation; o internal embedded database manager; o routines for E-mail accounts maintenance and rotation; o routines for proxy rotation and validation, ADSL/DSL and RAS redialing; o routines for ad randomization, including thesaurus support, hidden text, letter mutation; o issue manager; o license manager.
*Plugins - currently the following are available: o GMail and Hotmail account creator - fully automates account creation and verification process, can create unlimited number of Googe Mail/Hotmail accounts. The only limitation is captcha recognition - you must resolve captchas manually or subscribe for a 3-rd party prepaid recognition services o Proxy spider -automatically searches the Web for fresh http and socks proxy servers, provides about 30 of new proxies daily o Backpage autoposter - fully automates Backpage ad posting and maintenance. Includes automatic Backpage captcha resolver. o Craigslist autoposter - fully automates Craigslist ad posting and maintenance. Requires subscription to captcha service or manual Captcha entry o Kijiji - fully automates Craigslist ad posting and maintenance.

CLADGenius is an evolving framework with an open plugin API for 3-rd party plugin development. Currently API documentation and guidelines for plugin writers are under development.

If you would like to write / contribute your own plugin to CLADGenius or order a custom plugin, please contact our technical department via

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