42 Better Email Enable Everything (BEEE) Free Download

Version: 2.21   (version history)
Date: October 25, 2000


OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
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Author: IOPUS Software

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42 Better Email Enable Everything (BEEE) Description

42 Better Email Enable Everything (BEEE) Free Download.

This unique 'Email-Bee' lets you automatically email designated files or folders at a specified time interval. Just select the file you want to send, add your email information, enter the time interval to send the file and the criteria it should meet (send it always, only if changed, or if it has grown by a specific amount of bytes), and the program handles calling your provider and sending you the file via email.

In addition, the program can automatically encrypt,password protect and zip compress the email attachments before sending which makes emailing even large or confidential files a snap. BEEE has plenty of potential uses, for example you can use it to back up critical files to another machine via email, automatically send revised files to someone else or let BEEE send out newsletter to a list of email addresses.

BEEE supports the internet standard SMTP and BASE64 encoding or can communicate with your standard email client via the Microsoft MAPI interface.
BEEE is FREE for private and non-profit use !!! For commercial use the registration is only $39.95.

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