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Version: 2.04.693   (version history)
Date: May 15, 2000

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OS: Windows
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Author: Slavin Radic

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Poco Description

Poco Free Download.

Poco is an intuitive, flexible, and powerful e-mail package with seamless support for multiple accounts.

Poco's well-designed interface lets you perform drag-and-drop operations intuitively. For example, to send a message to a recipient, just double-click their address. To create a filter, simply drag and drop an address entry.

Poco provides seamless support for multiple accounts; you can change which account you are sending the message from up to the moment you click on the send button. Poco also supports multiple address books and it can automatically sort mail into different incoming mailboxes. It allows mail to be manipulated directly on a server -- you can view, download and delete individual messages. It also comes with a spellchecker.

You can customize Poco in a variety of ways by changing the default message styles, the color scheme, the index shading, and more.

A built-in scripting language (called 'PocoScript') lets you automate almost any task. PocoScript is a high-level language that can natively handle text and CSV files, handle RFC 822 compliant message variables, perform basic and boolean math, query user for input and branch and loop execution., and much more.

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