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Version: 1.00   (version history)
Date: August 24, 2000

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Author: Jim Lawless

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ENVY Description

ENVY Free Download.

ENVY is a batch file enhancement utility for MS-DOS, Win95,Win98,
NT batch files. ENVY will work under Windows NT/2000 if COMMAND.COM
is used as the batch processor.

ENVY is a stand-alone program that provides 38 new subcommands for
use in batch files ( spanning string-manipulation, mathematics,
bitwise operations, comparsions, date & time functions, random
numbers, file I/O, and text parsing )

ENVY is able to alter environment variables in the parent
COMMAND.COM environment, greatly simplifying many programming
tasks which must be accomplished via a batch file.

ENVY is well-suited to address frequent problems such as needing to
build a filename or directory name from the current date date as
well as handling the "" character processing inside a batch

ENVY keywords: envy, lawless, batch, environment, utility

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