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Version: 1.0.10   (version history)
Date: August 15, 2001

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OS: Windows
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Author: Lurtive Consulting

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Cell Pager - Full with Source Code Description

Cell Pager - Full with Source Code Free Download.

Cell Pager sends messages to your cell phone or alphanumeric pager. Cell Pager uses the internet to send your messages to text-messaging recipients. It is an ActiveX component, and can be used from ASP, Visual Basic, or any other language that supports COM. Cell Pager comes with an ASP script that demonstrates how to use Cell Pager in a Mailbox Agent to automatically send new emails from your Exchange Server mailbox to your phone or pager. Cell Pager is a server component, so it works whether or not the users are actively logged onto the Exchange Server.

FREE UPGRADES! SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE! Several popular phone systems are currently supported, and more are added with each upgrade. If your phone system is not included, email support@lurtive.com with details and we will consider adding it in the next version! For current version information, go to: http://www.lurtive.com/cellpager Cell Pager is available in Single, Three Server or Full with Source Code versions.

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