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Date: September 05, 2003

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: SpinnerBaker Software

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De-Spammer Description

De-Spammer Free Download.

Spam! 90% of internet residents hate it and the other 10% seem to be determined to make money by sending out large volumes of it. If your email address is anywhere to be found online, you're getting spam.

Email programs which display internet pages without warning, like Outlook Express does, make it even worse by displaying porn and obnoxious ads without warning. Have you checked email in front of your children, only to have an unexpected porn ad pop up?

These web pages can even reset the homepage shown by your browser and pop up more browser porn windows. The two popular ways of fighting spam seem to be the War technique and the Filtering technique. You can declare war on spam, blocking domains, reporting spammers to their internet providers, and passing their addresses to spam fighting organizations.

Do a search on spam, and you will find many sites which devote themselves to the war on spam. The simple truth, though, is that most of us just don't have time to wage all out war on spam. The second technique is to use filtering software to check your email before you use your regular email program. But, two bad things happen with filtering software.

You'll get email messages deleted that weren't really spam, and any filtering program is going to miss filtering some spam. There's just no substitute for reviewing all your email, so De-Spammer takes a different approach. De-Spammer is the sensible way to quickly gather and remove spam. De-Spammer retrieves and displays only messages from UNKNOWN senders (from up to 10 pop accounts).

It shows each message sender and subject in a multiple select listbox, and one click of a button will remove all the messages it found. Select messages in the listbox to save them, and as you do, De-Spammer saves the sender's address to its known address file, so messages from the same sender will never be displayed by De-Spammer again.

De-Spammer now includes a profanity filter for email messages and a freeware popup killer.

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