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Date: October 11, 2003

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OS: Win 2000
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PostToNote Free Download.

There is a known feature of MS Exchange 2000 server in that, a message sent from the Internet to public folder is received in the format of the Post form (in Exchange 5.X it is received as the Message form). See XADM: Mail to a Public Folder Is Set as IPM.Post Instead of IPM.Note (Q292484) MS article for details.

PostToNote for Exchange 2000 application allows you to eliminate this problem. It changes the "message class" property of an inbound message from IPM.Post to IPM.Note if that message has been sent by Internet originator to the Exchange 2000 public folder. Application is an Exchange store synchronous event sink.


- If you are working with Exchange email-enabled public folders using PostToNote application, you can be sure that each email message in a public folder looks like a message and behaves as a message.

- Message type conversion is processed instantly, before any rules are applied.

- You can set up PostToNote as "store-wide" application, i.e. after being installed once, it will work on each public folder in the certain Exchange 2000 store.

The license based on the number of Exchange servers actively use the product. 3-licenses pack costs $300; 5-licenses pack costs $450; unlimited pack with source code costs $1500.

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