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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: February 22, 2006

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OS: Win 98/2000/XP
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Author: secureinf

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MailSniff Description

MailSniff Free Download.

MaillSniff is a powerful email analyzer designed for corporate network administrators compelled to look into corporation employers’ correspondence as well as parents worried about their children online activities.

Armed with MailSniff You are able to capture emails directly from the network interface as well as from log files saved in commonly used pcap format (BillSniff, tcpdump, Ethereal etc.). There exists a possibility of saving email attachments to disk as well as the pure network traffic in pcap log files, that could be later analyzed in one of commonly used sniffers.

Captured emails are grouped in easy to access, easy to read and easy to analyze manner. They are being classified in context of mail box addresses as well as source host addresses. Every email can be shown in a range of views like content view, MIME view and pure stream view.

One of the strongest features in MailSniff is filtering engine based on Python language script files. This gives the user almost unlimited opportunities in creating scripts that not only can filter incoming emails, but also can use the whole range of countless python modules, creating not scripts even, but the whole systems of complex reactions to suspicious emails.

MailSniff is also enriched with the Alarm engine, that is able to rise alarms (send emails, show notify window, write a log) triggered by an alarm condition easy definable using user friendly interface.

With MailSniff you are able to create fully customizable email reports in easy, fast, and effective manner.

MailSniff is fully portable between different windows machines (win9x/win2000/winXP/win2003).

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