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Version: 1.2   (version history)
Date: September 05, 2006

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OS: Win 2000/XP
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Author: EmailBak

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Email Backup Pro Description

Email Backup Pro Free Download.

With Email Backup Pro you can capture, back up, manage and monitor (or inspect ) all the business email messages that sent out or received in the LAN of your company or your office, can extract email addresses from the captured email messages and save them to a CSV or TXT formatted file.

Email Backup Pro can capture all the email messages sent out or received by the email client software (e.g. Outlook Express) in time.

You can use Email Backup Pro to extract email addresses of your business partner and export them to a CSV or TXT formatted file and duplicate them as important business document.

You can use Email Backup Pro to seek out the email message sometime or someone sent out or received from some account or some email address.

Easy installation
Install this software at the gateway of your intranet or the server, it will backup, monitor and manage all the emails going through the email management software (e.g. Outlook Express) from all the users of this intranet.

Software realization principle
Email Backup Pro capture the email messages based on SMTP and POP3 protocol. So Email Backup Pro can capture all email messages sent out or received by any software that used the SMTP or POP3 protocol.

Monitor and capture the email messages sent out or received by all the user of the LAN all the time.

No additional program installation is needed on the monitoring target computers. It will monitor the whole LAN when you install it at the gateway.
Suitable for all email messages sent out or received by any software that used the SMTP or POP3 protocol.

The capturing kernel module is according to NDIS standard, process the data on bypass, affecting the performance of the gateway slightly.
Can set rule to block the action of sent out of the users unauthorized to send out email messages.

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