msgAPI - API for Outlook .msg files Free Download

Version: .99   (version history)
Date: May 25, 2011

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OS: Windows
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Author: Encryptomatic LLC

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msgAPI - API for Outlook .msg files Description

msgAPI - API for Outlook .msg files Free Download.

MsgViewer Pro is used worldwide by large corporations and governments to access .msg files.

By popular request from the developer community, Encryptomatic has produced an API for developers who need to integrate .msg file support and search into their applications. with MVCOM, there is no requirement to install MAPI or the Outlook client. MVCOM includes the following classes.

Sender information Message Body Message Properties Message Header Message Subject Message To, From, CC Message Date Attachment Access (number of attachments, and save to file) Export to XML

Licensing MsgAPI Please select the license that best meets your situation.

The quantity of licenses required is based on the number of coders who will need access to the API, and whether your project

Corporate Developer: One coder, for one company, one or more internal (non-resale) projects.

Commercial Product Developer: One coder, working with internally developed products, intended for commercial resale.

Also includes right to develop internal custom applications.

Consulting Developer: One coder, working with a) multiple client projects that may be intended for resale, or b)client or company internal projects

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