Skymol Voice Mail, Video Mail Software Free Download

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: May 01, 2007


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Author: Skymol Corporation

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Skymol Voice Mail, Video Mail Software Description

Skymol Voice Mail, Video Mail Software Free Download.

Skymol Voice & Video Mail with E-mail Software allows your customers and web site visitors to leave your business voice mail, voice / video mail, and text mail messages.

It is easy to use with no software downloads or without setting any hardware equipments. It's completely web-based.

The offline voice, voice & video messages and e-mails can be left departments, agents, company representatives and e-mail addresses from your web site(s), newsletters, e-mails, MS Word, PDF documents, etc.

Make your business more accessible and your web site, e-mails, newsletters, documents more human so that your customers, friends and visitors are able to explain something out easier and faster, and even loud and visual.

Our service helps your business to increase customer satisfaction and comfort level, and encourage customer retention.

Key features of Skymol Voice & Video Mail with E-mail are the following: Voice, Voice / Video and Text Messages; Voice, Voice & Video Messages Download; No Software Download and Setup;

View and Search past Voice, Voice / Video Mails and Text Messages; Email Message Transcripts; Customizable Skin; Spam Free.

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