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Version: 1.0.6   (version history)
Date: August 03, 2008

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OS: Win ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
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Author: Marisuite

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Antispam Marisuite for Outlook Description

Antispam Marisuite for Outlook Free Download.

Email spam has become a problem for many people and it is growing day by day. We offer to solve the problem with Antispam Marisuite.

Our anti-spam filter:
-Saves your time

Spam will never mix with your private or business e-mail and you will never have to look though each incoming message.

On other hand anti-spam filter never deletes messages and you will be able skip through bulk of filtered messages to exclude mistakes. Messages, which cannot be filtered without you assistance are moved to separate folder Quarantine.-Begins work immediately Antispam Marisuite does not require any configuration of Outlook.

At the first run Outlook with anti-spam filter installed Configuration Wizard appears and step by step configures email filter and trains it on your messages.-Is trainable Anything you consider spam will be treated as spam, even if it does not conform to the traditional definitions of spam.

Antispam Marisuite has initial knowledge base and it will work effective right away after installation.-Detects all known spam kinds Antispam Marisuite really recognizes all known methods for passing through spam filters.

It filters spam, which contains advertisements in pictures, independently of distortion, pictures' format and presence or absence message text.

Email filter uses progressive methods for filtering spam. Core of spam filter is based on statistical analysis of messages - Bayes method.

Unlike other such programs Antispam Marisuite takes into consideration much more messages parameters.

Also it uses original computational approaches which allow calculate messages estimations more accurate.

The anti-spam filter uses method based on social network theory. It allows reducing probability of false positives.

Also Antispam Marisuite can reply to filtered messages with "bounces". Bounces are messages with instruction on how to pass through e-mail filter.

Spammers never receive return mail and so they cannot use the instruction.

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