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Version: 1.1   (version history)
Date: June 23, 2008

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
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Author: eMarkSofts

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Random Bulk Sender Description

Random Bulk Sender Free Download.

Random Bulk Sender can automatically randomize, From name, From emails, Subjects, Reply to and automatically insert words or time and date at the top or the bottom of the body of your email.

All such randomization will guarantee that your email will bypass all the filters (Junk Mail Filter, Block List...) and delivered safely to your customers.

You can use your SMTP server to send email or deliver email message directly without relaying through an intermediate mail server.

Random Bulk Sender supports sending personalized messages (mail merge), this is a great feature.

It really gets the attention of the recipient to see their name in the subject and in the body of the email.

Ability to randomize your "from" field or subject line, html or text messages.

Build-in Smtp server, powerful, supporting packet-sending emails without using the smtp server of your provider.

The unique ability to send through several smtp servers simultaneously allows you to send up to 3000 emails a minute using a fast conection.

Custom X-Mailer: allows you to add an X-Mailer field to the outgoing email.

Custom HELO / EHLO Command.

Basic database filter: allows you to have a Back list (Exclude List) and allows you to not send.

Personalizes emails: creates custom, personalized emails by merging your data from your live databases.

Email attachments: allows you to attach a multiply files to be sent to all recipients.

Two merge fields supported: allows you to insert as many two fields from the database.

Support for all methods of sending: To / CC / BCC / Direct Delivery / Personal Copy.

Supports mail server names: in the mail sending configuration screen.

Multiple sending profiles: allows you to use unique return-path, from, reply-to and errors-to email addresses for each project.

Complete support of various character sets.

Integrated 1st Mailinglist Manager.

Database repair utility.

Full proxy support for high anonymity.

History of sent messages.

Free upgrade.

Many more...

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