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Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: February 10, 2010

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OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Softena

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Keylogger Ftp Description

Keylogger Ftp Free Download.

Keylogger Ftp is an easy to use program that monitors the computer keystrokes activity and save the information in a file.

This hidden software intercepts all the beatings of keys that be carried out in a PC while this be assets, then the guard in a file for finally send it to a FTP serverl previously definite around the Internet.

It includes the following main features:
-It intercepts any keystrokes.
-Creates a file with the registration of all the keys pressed.
-Permits to specify the name of the source file and destiny to be created.
-Registration of the time Date
-Hour in which the key was registered.
-Automatic Windows registration to be able to start automatically when initiates the PC.
-Possibility of seleccion of FTP server destiny for send the file of registration of the keys.
-Sends the text file via FTP at the server before specified.

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