Hippie 98

Version: 3.0   (version history)
Size: 2.73 MB
Date: July 14, 1998
License: Free To Try
OS: Windows
Author: Trout Software

Publisher's Description

Hippie 98 is an excellent HTML editor with a built-in page previewer.

Hippie supports all of the latest HTML elements and extensions. It comes with a well-done tutorial and an HTML reference. It has a highly customizable interface, with dockable, user-configurable toolbars and custom shortcut keys.

With Hippie, you can open files directly from the Web, transfer files with FTP or WebPost, spell-check documents, manage your work in projects, validate your HTML code, create ActiveX controls, and much more.

It comes with wizards for creating frames, tables, lists, marquees, image maps, fonts, style sheets, JavaScript, and new documents. The side-by-side preview window can display anything that Internet Explorer can display, including frames, tables, JavaScript and ActiveX controls.

Other features include: color syntax highlighting; undo/redo; an integrated color picker; the ability to group HTML files into projects; and much more.

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of Hippie 98 at Questions@troutsoft.com for any additional information.