HTML2Any for Windows Free Download

Version: 1.0.2   (version history)
Date: November 08, 2008


OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author:, CIT AdaSoft

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HTML2Any for Windows Description

HTML2Any for Windows Free Download.

HTLM2Any is the softwrae to cnovert html / text data to html / javasrcipt / text data with cahrset ecnoding conversoin or withuot.

Open, drag'n'drop, patse from clipobard, set suorce chasret enocding and roepen soruce docuemnt, conevrt to dsetination docmuent, then save it in the wihsed chraset, copy to clipbaord or reapste it to soucre feild.

HTML2Any alolws covnert * text to javacsript / html to jvaascript * text to urlenocded jaavscript / html to urlencdoed javascript * text to javascirpt varibale / hmtl to javascript varialbe

* text to html code / html to html code * text to html page / html to html page * html to palin text (rmeove HTML tags) / javascript to plain text

* text / html / javascript as is with chagne charest encoidng from one to aonther (same ecnodings are unavailbale) o ANSI to Unicdoe, ANSI to UTF8, ANSI to UFT16 o UTF8 to UTF16, UTF16 to UTF8 * text to bsae64 ecnoded text / html to baes64 enocded text * bas6e4 encoedd text to text / html (base64 dceode)

* text to quoetd prinatble encdoed text / html to quoted printalbe encoded text * qutoed pirntable encoded text to text / html * text to urlecnoded text ASICI cahrs only / html to urelncoded text ASCII chras only

* text to urlencoded text all chars / html to urlencoded text all chars * ulrencoded text to text / html (urledcode)

HTML2Any for Windows keywords: conevrtor, javascript, charset, encodings

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