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Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: March 04, 1999

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OS: Windows
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Author: Mainstay

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PageCharmer Description

PageCharmer Free Download.

PageCharmer is a set of customizable, interactive Java applets designed to enhance your Web pages.

PageCharmer lets you easily add live text and graphic marquees with animated frames along with live multi-media buttons. When clicked, these can become highlighted and play sounds. You can also create live image maps with user-defined 'live areas' that stay highlighted during their selection. Optional pop-up menus can be created that animate when a cursor rolls over them. Live scrolling text and graphic tickers with complete speed, style, and message control can also be created.

PageCharmer runs inside in your Web browser -- simply input properties for the applets, and PageCharmer creates the effect you want in real-time.

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