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Version: 3.1   (version history)
Date: April 05, 2000

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OS: Windows
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Author: Brown Bear Software

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iCal Web Calendar Server Description

iCal Web Calendar Server Free Download.

iCal Web Calendar Server is an interactive Web-based calendar and scheduling application.

With iCal installed, users can view, edit and administer calendars with their Web browser. Any number of calendars can be created. A security system defines passwords for who is permitted to view and configure the calendar, and update, delete, or make changes to the events.

iCal comes with its own small dedicated Web server, and since you can specify the port number of the iCal Server, it can co-exist with any other server you may have running on your system.

With iCal, you can include data from other calendars within your own calendar. This allows you to make department level calendars that roll-up individual calendars.

Other features of iCal include: a variety of views and formats, flexible calendar data entry, the ability to define times so that events don't conflict with each other, the ability to search for specific events, the ability to search multiple calendars for a mutually-available time slot, the ability to add additional information to the calendar (such as holidays, phases of the moon, pay days, or anything else), the ability to import CSV- and tab-delimited files, the ability to select colors for calendars and events, the ability to publish calendars as a set of static HTML files, custom headers and footers, the ability to customize the names of the months and weeks, and an option for e-mail notification of upcoming calendar events.

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