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Date: October 13, 2009

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Author: Apex Pacific Pty Ltd

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PPC BidMax Description

PPC BidMax Free Download.

PPC BidMax is an automated PPC bid management tool to help you manage your keyword bids and the only PPC software on the market which supports ALL major search engines ;

Google, Yahoo and MSN in one user friendly interface. Automatically monitor your keywords and campaigns, make scheduled bids on keywords and report on your results with this essential PPC management tool.

It will notify you your current bids, analyze your ranking positions and fix bid gaps. By using PPC BidMax you will save up to 85% of your current bid cost on Pay Per Click search engines.

PPC BidMax is designed with all users in mind with three versions catering to small business to PPC Agency users and is developed to reduce the time you have to spend in managing PPC advertising.

What would take you hours to perform manually only takes minutes with PPC BidMax!

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