Version: 2.0   (version history)
Size: 14848KB
Date: July 10, 2002
License: Free To Try
OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000
Author: Digi-Net Technologies, Inc.

Publisher's Description

DigiPosts is a totally new way to look at discussion board software. DigiPosts' enterprise-level message board technology is priced so affordably that any web site can benefit.

Some popular features:
- Ensemble Unique Customizable Interface
DigiPosts features a unique, fully customizable graphical three-paned interface. The interface is a totally new way to look at bulletin board software. Similar in design to many e-mail programs, the DigiPosts interface combines the best of both worlds: You can view messages individually (similar to a mail reader) or you can view all messages in a thread. These threads provide an efficient means for users of slower modem to read large threads one message at a time while allowing other users who wish to view all messages in a single thread. We also provide a "View All Messages" feature, that allows you to browse posts in a forum by date (not by thread), so you can quickly locate the latest activity in a busy forum.

- Envoy Fully Integrated Listserv
DigiPosts is the first to fully integrate a mailing list with a web-based bulletin board. Users can post messages via the web-based interface while other members can view and participate (including replying to a post) via e-mail! Now you can truly build a community and keep members of that community involved withouth requiring them to constantly check the site in order to participate. It's the best of both worlds!

- Built-in Membership Database and Login System
DigiPosts automatically manages your entire user community through the built-in membership database. Users will be able to create and manage their own profiles. Create "open" or "closed" communities: you have total control over how your forums operate... Allow/Disallow ONLY registered members to post forum messages, allow/disallow ALL users chat capabilities (or not), approve member applications individually before they can partcipate (or not) , etc. This is your community, and you're in total control.

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of DigiPosts at king@digi-net.com for any additional information.