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Date: August 25, 2003

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WebQuiz Description

WebQuiz Free Download.

A well-designed quiz can be an excellent promotion tool if it focuses the user's attention on subjects that demonstrate the value of your products and services. You may use it if:

You want to add interactivity to your site;
You want to entertain your family;
You want to surprise your quests and friends;
You want to make your customers come back to your site again;
You want to show off with unusual element at your site
You will have:

The possibility to quiz your users on their knowledge;
The possibility to allow them to compare themselves to each other,
The possibility to add an interesting challenge to your site;
The possibility to offer them a set of unique, skill-testing quizzes
WebQuiz is a full-featured software for interactive games/quizzes creation. Whether your goal is to create a single game or many different games on many different subjects, WebQuiz helps you to add interactivity to you site and an element of fun. The software supports unlimited quizzes, questions and possible answers. Set up as many quizzes, with as many questions (with as many possible answers) as you like!

The software keeps statistics on the correct and incorrect answers per quiz so that users can measure their performance against those who've taken the quiz previously.

While a user plays a game, the game will keep up with the player's score. When a player answers a question correctly, a certain number of points (which you define) will be added to their score. You can also specify a certain number of points to subtract from their score if they answer a question incorrectly (or run out of time on a question). The final scores of all game sessions are saved to the database and used to determine the high score list

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