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Version: 0.99   (version history)
Date: May 27, 2003


OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: doslinux

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knopka Description

knopka Free Download.

Knopka is a FREE Windows program for users to share and exchange files.
It can also be used to setup a chatbox for an unlimited amount of users.
It handle all data. Knopka will always use the full maxium speed of
your connection to echange-download-upload your data from to other users.

It can exchange MP3,.AVI,MPG,.JPG, DOC,GIF and many other formats.
Kazaa,winmix, edonkey,xolox, gnutella are all network based knopka is not
Knopka makes pure connections between machine and machine and
you can invite other users i.e. you want to share files with your friend John,
you create a user John and give him a password , you click on the IP button and you start the server.Give john your IP NUMBER his username and password .

John download Knopka also He fill in your IP number and his username
and password he got from you and you can exchange files and chat with each other.

A user always need your IP number and his username and password!

This is not needed when you also want to give anymous access.
If you act as a server you can have both options

Standard anonymous login is disabled.
Beside John you can create access for many users, you can set your server
as anonymous server and even set quota.
Note while you run the server you can also login to other parties
so you can be server and client at the same time.

Knopka is THE tools to setup your own exchange and chat network.
It work different than IRC you make direct connections. Knopka
is freeware and have an excellent FREE support desk.
If you see any new functions let us know we always open
for new ideas . Have fun with knopka and make us grow :-)

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