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Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win NT/2000
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IISGate Description

IISGate Free Download.

IISGate software is high performance website access management, for Microsoft's Internet
Information Server IIS4/5.

IISGate feature:

> User validation through:

   Standard window-based Basic Authentication.

   Custom web-based Cookie Authentication.

   Client IP address.

>Independent of standard NT user/security,

   IISGate uses its own user/security database.

>Configure access restrictions to directory

   level and all subdirectories and files within it.

>Personalized user redirection following


>Attack protection: client not authenticated

   after x number of bad login in x seconds are

   blocked for x minute.

>Easy to use, not requires programming,

   scripting or web development experience.

>Can administer software on the same

   computer where is IISGate located or on

   others on your LAN.

>Can organize users in Groups.

>Log to Windows NT/2000 event log or/and

   standard text file.

>Can set user account expire date or disable

   manually with a simple selection.

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