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Date: January 26, 2002

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Systems Audit Manager for SMS (SAM) Description

Systems Audit Manager for SMS (SAM) Free Download.

Is your company prepared if the Business Software Alliance (BSA) knocks on your door? Many companies are unprepared for the process and do not track what they own vs. what is installed on their systems. This results in heavy fines that may not be warranted but are forced upon many companies due to not having a system in place which shows compliance to the BSA. Providing compliance reports to the BSA not only includes your currently deployed systems, but you must also prove your company has taken steps to ensure your processes and policies catch future installations. Systems Audit Manager (SAM) for Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) is an inexpensive auditing tool to aid your company in software auditing.


Systems Audit Manager provides a software auditing solution based on inventory data hosted by Microsoft SMS.
SAM integrates with the SMS database and runs without having to be installed on the client.
SAM dynamically uses data collected by SMS to populate software audits.
The SMS database is not modified in any way so SAM can be installed or removed at any time without effecting your current SMS servers and clients.


Integrates seamlessly with SMS 2.0 or above
Allows grouping of similar products or files together into a single report
Assign license counts to reports per SMS sites
Enterprise wide auditing or audit on a per SMS site basis
Sorting of data by compliance
Excel exporting of data
Scheduling of audits for lowest server impact
Data is viewable by any Internet Explorer 5 or above browser

SAM Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Pentium III 450mhz or better
128 MB RAM (256 MB or better is recommended)
100 MB Hard Disk (disk space varies on databases size, 500 MB or above is recommended)

Operating System & Server Components

Windows NT 4 or 2000
Internet Information Server 4.0 or above
Activestate Active Perl 5.6.1 Build 633 with PerlIS ISAPI installed. ActivePerl is freely distributed at and can be directly downloaded from here:
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or above, and configured for mixed-mode security
Microsoft SMS 2.0 or above. The SMS database needs to be stored on a SQL Server 7.0 or above, and configured for mixed-mode security

After the purchase of SAM, you will receive a license key via the email account you use to buy the product within 24 hours.

Price: $375.00 unlimited reports


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