Hacker Hunter Pro noAds. Advanced authentication system. Free Download

Version: 1.05   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Unix / Linux Win NT/2000/XP/98
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Author: Polar-lights.com

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Hacker Hunter Pro noAds. Advanced authentication system. Description

Hacker Hunter Pro noAds. Advanced authentication system. Free Download.

Hacker Hunter:

1. Do not allow several users with same password access to protected area at once.

2. Detect its disrepair and repair itself as fast as it possible.

3. Use only standard server modules. (it use only PHP4, MySQL, mod_access and mod_auth - modern Unix server without that 4 main features is nonsense)

4. Store real user passwords on server only in binary file or database heavy crypted with md5.

5. Have build-in 'stolen password' protection mechanism, reset passwords used by several people at once, generate new passwords and send them to real user's e-mail without human administrator interference.

6. Allow free, account-based, pin-based, by administrator or remote server-based register

7. Have administrator panel for manual view/change/add users, pins, accounts and ban options.

8. Do not require Unix guru for installation and configuration.

9. Do not store not crypted passwords on server.

10. Do not send standard encoded (base64 for example) passwords across network.

11. Do not send across network poorly encoded real passwords while requesting any item in protected folder.

And more !

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