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Kaspersky Anti-Spam Description

Kaspersky Anti-Spam Free Download.

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Kaspersky Anti-Spam

Kaspersky® Anti-Spam is a highly intelligent system dedicated to protecting businesses with small and medium-size networks against dreaded spam. Kaspersky® is the result of a joint effort between the specialists of Kaspersky Labs and Ashmanov and Partners.

The solution's effectiveness is provided by the simultaneous use of "black lists" (updated online), message sample comparisons and powerful heuristic analysis (intelligent content analysis) of incoming messages. The software comprehensively filters incoming electronic messages before they reach end-user mailboxes. This enables organizations to significantly decrease mail system maintenance costs, as well as to reduce the amount of valuable time wasted handling spam.

Kaspersky® Anti-Spam can be used as a filter for any mail system - Sendmail, Qmail Postfix, MS Exchange and more. Depending on the operating system a company's mail system is running, Kaspersky® Anti-Spam can be installed on a remote computer or directly on the mail server.

Powerful Message Filtration Capabilities
Several methods are used to prevent the delivery of "unwanted" messages to mailboxes. Employed are techniques based on filtering message attributes such as: sender and recipient addresses, message size, addresses used for message redirection and message header. Address filtration checks for e-mail and IP addresses in the "black lists" and special RBL* database, which contains the IP-addresses of mail servers conducting uncontrolled mail distribution.

* - Such mail servers receive messages from any address and then redirect them to any existing address. When spam messages are distributed from a particular address and no preventive actions are taken by server administrators, this server's address can be added to the RBL database. All ISP providers and mail systems, which use RBL, will automatically forbid the reception of messages from this server.

Message Content Filtration
Kaspersky® Anti-Spam filters the content of all message components (including headers and attached files). It handles attached files stored in Plain Text ASCII, HTML, MS Word 6.0 and RTF formats. Content filtration entails defining and assigning particular messages to assigned groups based on a semantic analysis of the text.

Kaspersky® Anti-Spam offers multilingual functionality, including the support of both the Russian and English languages.

Unique Heuristic Analysis
Kaspersky® Anti-Spam analyzes message content using the following methods:

comparison of message text with predefined samples
"intelligent" search for key terms (words and phrases) in message body text and headers. Unique heuristic analysis helps search for key words and word-combinations
approximation comparisons with message sample sets (based on comparisons of lexical structures). Thus message samples coincident with text being analysed are identified while permitting some differences between the sample and analysed message.

Flexible Message Handling Options
Depending on predefined settings, messages which pass all filtration levels and are assigned a category can then be delivered to the intended recipient, (without any changes or with the addition of a special header, indicating to which category the message has been assigned based on content filtration results), redirected to the predefined address or deleted.

Automatic Content Filtration Database Updates
The high effectiveness of Kaspersky® Anti-Spam is enabled by the regular update of the content filtration database. Updates containing samples prepared by linguistic specialists can be downloaded via the Internet automatically as well as manually. Manual updating allows network administrators to add into the database his or her own samples of "unwanted" messages.

Handy Administration Tools
Kaspersky® Anti-Spam settings can be configured via the Web with the management module. Administrators can create lists of e-mail and IP -addresses to be used in the filtration process, establish methods of handling messages that have already passed filtration, choose settings for the module responsible for automatic updates of the content filtration database, and add their own samples.

System Requirements:

OS: Linux, FreeBSD 4.x
Processor: Intel Pentium III 500MHz
128 MB RAM (minimum)

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