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Date: April 18, 2005

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Rank Gazer Free Download.

Many people want to make money via the Web, but very few are willing to put forward the investment. While many are willing to pay good money to have their site professionally designed, they are less willing to put much money into online marketing. Sometimes it takes years to realize that that's a big mistake. And it's the time when most of them make another, even bigger mistake.

You can always find guys who'll guarantee results for a small fee. However, it's a big mistake to start investing blindly relying only on the experience of others. Every Web site is unique and requires unique marketing strategies. If you want to have a positive ROI (return on investments), only you should decide what and where you will invest.

Controlling your marketing investments is now easier than ever. A good position in search engines is the goal of a SEO campaign. Rank Gazer from Clever Stat will help you to track the results of your SEO campaigns. The program retrieves your site (or your competitor's site) position from search results made using given keywords. Thus, you can constantly monitor your site positions in search engines. Rank Gazer remembers the results of past queries and shows a trend for everysearch engine.

Rank Gazer uses comprehensive templates that allow it to retrieve some additional info (not only positions) from the search results. For example, it can retrieve snippets, small pieces of text that represent your site to a search engine visitor. Search Engines ranks may change daily. Rank Gazer automatically polls its site for updates to make sure that your set of templates is always up-to-date.

Google today is a king of on-line marketing. Authors of Rank Gazer, understanding Google's indisputable importance, have paid it maximum attention. Rank Gazer uses the Google Web API, an SDK that provides access to some advanced Google features, hidden from normal users.

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