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Date: March 01, 2005

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OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
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Author: GetProfitsOnline-com

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Pop-In Generator Description

Pop-In Generator Free Download.

The ‘Pop Up Window’ has become the Internet‘s most hated object. Most often these were not related to the page you were viewing. So much so, that a lot of ISP’s have created software to block them and ‘Internet Explorer’ has a built in feature to block them. But what if the information is relevant to the site? You could have a site which has ‘standard’ information that won’t change over time, but a Pop-Up Window would be helpful to announce some recent event. Enter ‘Pop-in Generator’, most of the designs dissolve slowly and are meant to be pleasing to the eye (ie‘user friendly’). If they succeed, they make their message more acceptable & therefore more effective. And more importantly PopIn Windows cannot be blocked.
The video tutorial, included in the download, show you how to create a unique

This is achieved by filling in a series of ‘walk through windows’ defining, for example, size, timing etc. There are a total 186 ways the pop-in window can open, that is 3 main entrances and 62 ways the window unfolds. There settings for the time delay, the duration of it and the window opens when the reader scrolls down to that part of the page. The user can decide on the image of the window, the border image and the shape image.

With this new technology, we feel the software is reasonably priced. After some testing by the user as to its effectiveness, it should generate more leads/enquiries/orders and therefore pay for itself many times over.

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