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Debt Reduction Free Download.

Debt settlement is not for those who have the luxuries of choosing from various debt programs. It is for those with dire hardship who would rather not file bankruptcy.

Debt settlement is not for those who simply want to "save a buck" on paying their debts. It is not mean for those who simply want to save money after a shopping spree.

It is not a program designed to "stick it to" the big corporations either. When real hardship does not exist, creditors are not much likely to settle and much more likely to take legal action against the person simply seeking an easy exit from their financial situation.

Debt settlement is an alternative to filing bankruptcy.

It is a way to move forward for people whose financial situation is such that even if they dedicate all they have to paying their bills they cannot move ahead or even continue to move backwards. It is for people who skip meals or are late on rent to pay a credit card bill minimum payment.

It is for those who have to use one credit card to pay another and as a result have accrued debts far beyond their means. It is also for those who have had a medical emergency that resulted in massive debts they cannot afford to repay.

It is for those who want to pay creditors what they can afford but simply cannot afford to pay what creditors are charging them on a monthly basis.

Before considering debt settlement is sure to give a hard look at your financial situation. Perform a full analysis of your financial affairs. Who do you owe and how much?

How much are your payments vs. your income? Are you making progress on your debts or continually falling behind or getting nowhere? Do you have other assets or people that can help you?

Are there lifestyle changes you can make to help you to get on top of your finances? Is there any way you can increase your income (even if temporarily to help get ahead? Overall one must determine if their hardship is insurmountable on their own.

Once you have concluded that there is no way

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